Meet Carola

You probably want to see my photography.

That’s great, but let’s break the ice a little.

I’m a passionate and skilful photographer— a dynamic champion of my clients to look & feel their best. You want land that big promotion? Gotcha, we’ll capture your professionalism and drive for your new sets of photos. Do you want to impress with your job application? Let’s get right to it, your capable self will shine in your profile photos. Or would you like your family photographed before the kids are suddenly flown the nest? Great, we’ll make it a fun and relaxed event that you will be a fond memory in itself – and wait until you see the photos. 😉

I’ve worked with a number of fabulous individuals to realise their photo projects.

“THANK YOU!!! Seriously, this is the nicest photo ANYONE has EVER made of me. Thanks!!! (a hundred smilies!!!!!!)” – Chris W.

Have you got a project in mind? Get in touch to chat it through, I’d love to hear from you!

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