Curve Ball and The Business Revamp

Rolaa Photography Business Revamp Portrait Headshots ViennaSomething weird happens when life throws you a curve ball and your forced to have an extended break. All your items on your to do list seem less urgent and become relatively meaningless when the focus is about step by step recovery. When success is defined as being able to walk to the sink to brush one’s own teeth, for example.

But the weirdest thing of all is that it completely opens up a reflective view of where things are at and what matters most.

My health matters, my family matters and my friends matter – all greatly!

And for Rolaa Photography I’ve realised that I’ll be able to serve my clients much better by changing my processes and workflows – that can only be good, right?

So, shortly I’ll be announcing the major changes. Right now I’m in the exciting midst of questioning every part of my business, researching every option, studying everything about how to structure a photography business and reworking pretty much every part.

All I can reveal at this point: it’s going to be exciting and very worth it and my clients will LOVE it! ☺

What has a recent curve ball taught you?


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