When life throws curveballs, and about bouncing back!

Health's curveball - Rolaa Photography - Portrait - Vienna - Austria HeadshotsAugust 2014: Then all came to a crashing halt! I was in complete agony and could not move. If I hadn’t already realised that something was properly amiss, me lying on the bathroom floor immobile like Kafka’s beetle made it abundantly clear: my body needed urgent attention and everything else I’d been so busy working on had to be put on hold.

I had a herniated disc brought on by sitting too long at a time, too little exercise and probably too much stress (uh oh, this last one causes all kinds of issues, doesn’t it?!).

First things first, clients and work partners had to be informed, then the six weeks of recovery, including two in hospital, could commence. Without having had to have any surgery – very lucky me! ☺

Now two months later I’m back to pretty much full health, yay!

Meet the new me, almost as good as new, plus a little wiser and with a whole new lifestyle to boot!

Walking is my new best friend, sitting is kept to a minimum and broken up often, and I’ve got a series of new apps on my iPhone to keep me on track. But I’ll keep chatting about those for another blog post. 😉

The important news is that Rolaa Photography is back in business! So, don’t be shy, drop me a line, give me a ring or leave a comment – believe me when I say I’d love to hear from you! ☺


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