Tried something new lately?

Trying something new can be very invigorating!

Not only shows you that there’s more to life than you’re currently experiencing, but also it pushes your comfort zone and with that you’re developing new skills.

Rolaa Photo - Tried something new lately

There are lots of new things I’m trying out right now, starting with getting comfortable editing with photoshop, but also reaching out to new customers to offer my services – that’s a big ‘NEW’ for me that at times feels really not very comfortable – but what I’m realising is that the feeling of comfort (or lack of) is all in my head, the boundaries kept where they are by what I believe to be true. So, I’m pushing and challenging myself to go past current boundaries and start to feel comfortable about new ones.

Post a comment, I’d love to know when you tried something new lately, what it was and what it taught you!



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