Poll: Shall we take Photo Walks on tour?

I keep thinking about taking Photo Walks on tour!

Vote Now!Wouldn’t it be lovely to photograph Sagrada Familia in Barcelona at sunset? Or do street photography in Munich at the Octoberfest? Imagine the photos from a Photo Walk through the morning mist of Amsterdam! The options are endless – and hugely inspiring!

A trip could be from a Friday to Sunday where we get to shoot all the best sights of the location at the right time of day. We could get tutors to hold sessions around certain topics of learning: say “Pushing the boundaries of street photography”, or to expose correctly (silhouettes, sun, flares etc.). Or they could be simply with a certain topic in mind: “Capturing the beauty of urban Hamburg“, or “The old and new in London“.

I would love for you to take part in my poll below, so that I get a feel what interests you, what you’d like to be part of.

Also, add your own answer if my answers don’t cover what you’d love to do!

Oh, and pretty pretty please, pass this on to all of your friends interested in photography so that I get a good feel of what you get excited about. Got photography friends on Twitter? Click to tweet to let them know!


4 thoughts on “Poll: Shall we take Photo Walks on tour?

  1. I think that if the point is to travel and do photography trips, it makes sense to go full scale and have a local guide and eventually a master of photography that can help/give directions.


  2. I like the Vienna Photo Walk, besides it would be also nice to take some weekend-trips to Europe or other places in Austria oder near Vienna.


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