Creative itch

Today was a bank holiday in Austria, and with my other half at home and watching the kids, I could get on with some DIY and crafting.

So, I tried two different version of acrylic stamping onto our windows. I’m trying to find a creative way to block our neighbours from seeing us wandering about in our home, while at the same time still letting light in. And the blinds really don’t fulfil my requirements.

To achieve this, I made my own stamp (cut my flower shape into a foam layer and glued it onto a piece of wood) and also my own DIY ink pad (onto a plate I put some acrylic paint with salt sprinkled over, as this thins the paint a bit. Then I covered this with a piece of felt and: voila!).

On one window pane I just stamped my flowers right onto the glass, which adds a nice colour touch to the window. For the other, I had taped a piece of parchment paper onto the window pane and then stamped onto it.

Even though I like the effect of the flowers stamped right onto the window, I’ll stick with stamping onto the parchment paper as this gives us the desired privacy for our home. What a fun project!
Then I’m decorating some cheap Ikea drawers for my daughter. Today they got their second coat of paint, which means only one more coat to go and then it’s decorating time.. I’m very excited about that!
How do you think I should decorate them? I’m thinking either dots in the shape of flowers (there is a theme here ;-)) or numbering the drawers with dots (1 dot for the first drawer and so on)..
What’s your suggestion?


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