Having fun with a photography challenge

Last year, after our son was born, I was treated to a beautiful DLSR (Canon 550D), and so far I’ve only been dabbling with it. But then I saw a photography challenge on Pinterest (don’t get me started, Pinterest has a lot to answer for!..) that has me hooked! I’m already on day 16 with it and I love all the learning by producing and publishing a photo a day according to that day’s challenge!

So, thanks to Little Bennett, I’m snapping away to his daily tune!

Today’s, challenge was “A good habit” and that’s my execution of it (the other photo is actually of the challenge topics):


To be fair with you, here are my previous 15 photos from day 1-15 of the photography challenge:


What do you think? Are there any photos you like especially? Or you don’t get?
If you are to take on the challenge yourself, I’d love you to post the link to the images here too for comparison – a challenge is so much more rewarding when there are other participants! I dare you! 😉

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