Old bananas mean yummy pancakes


I keep being asked about my recipe for banana pancakes – most likely because I keep making them, taking pictures of them and talking about them lots.. So, here is my recipe, which won’t read like a proper recipe as I do it every time just how I feel on the day.

Here it goes: 

Put as much flour into a mixing bowl as you think you’ll need. I often mix different flours, like white and brown, spelt and wheat together to make it a bit healthier. Add a teaspoon of baking powder (or more, if you make a big batch) and mix it in thoroughly. I often also add ground cinnamon and/or vanilla essence. Then add an egg and a mashed up very brown banana (the riper the banana, the sweeter the batter). You can also make the batter with two bananas, but then add two eggs too – the ratio of bananas to eggs need to be equal as otherwise the batter won’t set.

Now add as much milk and/or sparkling water as needed for the batter to be of the right consistency – that obviously will depend on your taste, whether you prefer the thin crepe or rather the thick pancake syle.

Now put a bit of batter at a time in a hot pan which has been wiped out with either butter or sunflower oil. I’ve found that after the initial wiping there’s no more oil needed, even if you make a ton of pancakes.

Voilá! Ready are your pancakes!

You can obviously add all kinds of toppings to your pancakes – we usually rotate maple syrup, honey and raspberry jam.

Should there be any pancakes left over (which rarely happens for us, however many I make), you can always cut them into quarters, put them into a freezer bag and freeze them – they take near to no time in the microwave to heat up, or you take them out earlier in the day for later, or better still, heat them up in the pan or oven again. Enjoy!


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