The One Secret Ingredient to Weight Loss

I’ve lost 6kg in 4 months and feel great! This all thanks to one (!) change I made. It wasn’t that I’d decided to lose weight or the dietary changes or increase in exercise – though I did all that too!


The one change that had my pounds fall off my hips one by one was daily weighing (probably not so secret after all..). Every day before the shower I’d step onto the scales and record my weight. I happened to use the TargetWeight app on my iPhone (free in the App Store) to display my daily weight info in a nice graph and bold number display. Though a little graph on a notepad would have had the same effect.


What this daily weighing did for me was the following: I started to listen to my body again. Somehow over the years I’d managed to override my body’s feedback loop. The cakes were just too appealing, or through growing up I’d learnt to always finish my plate (even though I hadn’t filled it myself). Whatever the reasons, the feedback loop was skewed to repeatedly suggesting that I needed more of all that food, and generally too much of the unhealthy stuff.

This one new daily habit of mine triggered a number of profound changes in my life. I suddenly had the urge to move more (my exercise of choice is running) and eat more healthily. I stocked up on salad, fruit, healthy granola bars (I love Nature Valleys bars) and fresh coconut pieces. I usually replaced one meal (lunch or dinner) with one of the bars and otherwise tied me over with fruit, coconut or yoghurt. I don’t believe that anyone should ever diet by going hungry – that can only end in tears!

However, these dietary changes are all details and may not work as well for anyone else.

None of these subsequent actions would have worked without the daily feedback and reminder of where I stood in regards to my weight goal. That was the motivator behind all my smaller actions that led to the actual weight loss. It taught me again how much food I needed and had me fall in love with the healthier choices again – my feedback loop is now more or less intact again.

I believe, that’s why so many promising diets usually don’t do the trick! They get lost in the details of what actions to take (eat only this or that, exercise more etc.) without helping you discover and trigger your own motivator. Because you know exactly what actions are right for you – the one missing piece is the motivator that’ll have you charge off to create your desired reality!

But what I find most striking is this: The same rule applies to any larger goals that clients often come to us life coaches with! Once you trigger the one internal motivator, any outcome is – seemingly easily – achievable! May that be my example of weight loss, or changing career, starting up a business, overcoming fears etc. Once you’ve discovered and triggered your own motivator to create that new reality in your life, there’s no stopping any of us! 🙂


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