Being the Early Bird that Catches the Worm

It’s been a fair while since I’ve blogged and I’ve not got much of an excuse – life I suspect simply got in the way. But it’s definitely time for an update! Having previously shared about our experiment of getting up early I better let you know how it’s going for us. We’re still going and it works fabulously for us, very much to our surprise!

Some of you have fed back offline that you get up early anyways, and have wondered how we come to find it beneficial. Therefore I would like to clarify a few points.

1. What is important is that we’ve made the conscious choice to dedicate a few hours each day to our own projects. It works for us to get up early-ish

1. Starting the day with something that’s important to us. This may be writing another blog post, thinking of what other arts
projects we’d like to do, thinking of new enterprise ideas doing etc. However, I’m careful not to fill the time with doing housework and the like.

Before the experiment, we’d hope to find time for these fulfilling and inspiring tasks at the end of the day – and the evening our simply vanished while exhaustedly watching some tv.

2. Being at choice to get up
If I was suffering from insomnia, I’d find it a lot harder. Sleep deprivation can be debilitating at the best of times. Again though, there is a point about being at choice. Why not use the time for creative inspiring work if
We do still get about 8 hours sleep, as otherwise it wouldn’t have the same positive effect.

We’re lucky that our daughter is a snoozer, as we can use the early hours to do ‘our’ own tasks. Otherwise we would have to find and dedicate another time window during the day for myself.

What it really comes down to is that we benefit from making time for tasks/hobbies/jobs that inspire us and fill us with energy. That we get to do it in the morning works for us. We have seen the difference it makes to our mental well-being and aliveness and are not going to ditch it any time soon!


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