We don’t do early mornings!

Early mornings aren’t for us. As a family, we like to snooze the early mornings away. Even our 18-month old daughter happily stays in bed until 8.30am or later.

However, we do like to do things, get excited by new projects, experiences and adventures. But by the time the evening arrives, the family (mainly the 18-month old) is dressed, fed, changed, undressed, bathed and back in bed, all our energy is gone! We got into the habit of watching telly until bed time. That even after our conscious decision to rid ourselves of all tv sets and all its paraphernalia. But that’s a different story.. Time seemed to flow through my fingers in a kind of “Groundhog Day” way.

Now, a few weeks ago my boyfriend read this article by James Altucher: “How to be THE LUCKIEST GUY ON THE PLANET in 4 Easy Steps“. And after a few sleeps (and snoozes) on the ideas, he turned to me with the most unlikely of suggestions: “Shall we get up at dawn every day?”

That’s how we started our experiment: Go to bed by 9pm-ish, get up at 6am* and use the first couple of hours of the morning to do things that are important to us! Like writing blogs, setting up an etsy shop, exercise etc.

And I never thought I’d say this: I love it!

>My creativity is flowing again. Now I get to decide again what I want every day to be about, starting first thing in the morning. It makes such a big difference! And you know what the best thing is? The telly is back where we want it to be: as an option when we consciously choose it

*Ok, it’s not quite dawn, but it’s good enough for us 😉


2 thoughts on “We don’t do early mornings!

  1. Great you got rid of your telly, it’s a total time waster and the whole concept feels somewhat outdated. We abandoned ours years ago and never regretted it.Sleeping until after 08.30am does sound pretty nice anyway ;-)Oliver


  2. I think we may allow us a lie in here and there 😉 I know, there is so much more time in a day without the distraction of the telly! Not having that box back in our house!


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