On how to find an eco winter coat – part 2

After my ponderings a few weeks back on what to do about getting an eco-friendly winter coat, I’ve now succeeded. I’ve found a lovely used winter coat that fits me well and will keep me warm.

I’m glad have found one just before the cold snap forced me to buy a coat on the high street. I was not far off from succumbing.. I had looked at the eco-retailers, been going to the charity shops in town for a few weeks and in the end found one where I hadn’t even thought of looking before: eBay!

I had my reservations about using eBay for a sizeable (and sizeably priced) item, as I know I wouldn’t have the perseverance to return it if it hadn’t worked out. So, I was prepared to either sell it on or give to charity if it turned out terrible (and write my eBay feedback to the seller accordingly!).

Now, I did go a bit overboard with the whole eBaying experience: I went ahead and bought 3 coats! Though still far cheaper than one (!) coat on the high street..

Here is my verdict of my three purchases:

  1. Great coat, will keep me warm for at least this winter,
  2. Ok coat, will wear it occasionally and
  3. Great jacket (though advertised as a coat), so I’m looking forward to sporting it in Spring.

All in all, I’m rather chuffed! The positive experience has even made me sell a few items on eBay already. I’m sure my eBay excitement will eventually wear off, but for now I’m a convert. 😉

I would love to hear from you, what thoughts this article sparked in you.

Wishing you to stay warm, Carola.


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