On getting an eco-friendly Christmas tree

Last year we bought a live tree in a pot because we thought this ought to be better than cutting a tree down for our homely Christmas pleasure. Then in the summer it died! And we had to drive it up to the local recycling station to be ‘buried’ with all the other green waste.

This year I’d love to rent a Christmas tree and have it delivered and picked up again. It appeals to me as I don’t need to become an expert on how to care for a Christmas tree and it’s taken off my hands again when we pack away all the Christmas paraphernalia.

However, I’ve done some research on that matter and there doesn’t seem to be anyone offering Christmas trees for rental in the Oxfordshire or surrounding area. Sadly the much acclaimed Christmastreeman is not offering his services this year either and no other service has come up during my research.

Now, I did see a site (Love-Eco) that offers fair trade trees at a reasonable price. These fair trade trees are from Tlugi, Georgia, and the The Fair Trees® project aims to “improve social conditions and the standard of living in Tlugi, Georgia and also to counteract unequal trading conditions between small farmers and international seed distributors.” 


I do like the concept and it’s social impact. Though, I’m not sure about the eco-credentials. The trees are cut, then shipped miles and miles to reach their intended interim home before being discarded at the end of the Christmas season.

After all this, I’m none the wiser.. What do you think we should do?


>>> UPDATE — 06 Dec 2010 <<<
We have found a solution to our eco-friendly Christmas tree conundrum – check out Part 2 of my ponderings..



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