7 Thrifty Tips for your Pregnancy Wardrobe

Wow, how exciting: you’re pregnant, you’ve made it through the scary first 12 weeks and it’s all becoming very real.. There is a baby on the way, growing in your belly. 

One of the many things to get your head around is what to wear for the next six months while your body is blooming and the seasons are changing. Below are my top tips on how to get your wardrobe adjusted to the wonderful new situation without breaking the bank.

  1. Check your current wardrobe: I was surprised to find how many of my clothes in my wardrobe actually saw me through my entire pregnancy; so keep checking what might look nice with your blooming new shape.
  2. Borrow, borrow, borrow: If you’re lucky enough to have family or friends who have gone through pregnancy just before you AND they wear the same size, borrow their maternity clothes.
  3. Check your local freecycle/freegle network: I keep seeing maternity wear being offered in my local freecycle network and wish I had seen it when I was pregnant. What a fab way to keep these ‘specialised’ clothes recycled. www.uk.freecycle.org | www.ilovefreegle.org
  4. Buy second hand: There are plenty of ways to buy maternity clothes second hand. Here is a list of places you could check out:
    • Charity shops: Try your local Oxfam or similar charity shops to see if they have any maternity wear for sale.
      • Maternity Exchange: This site is a specialist resource for second hand maternity wear at great prices; if you’re local to Marlow, Oxon, you could even go there to try the clothes > www.maternityexchange.co.uk/
      • Preloved.co.uk: A site full of products other people are selling on. This is a fab platform to find maternity and baby products being sold nearby and where you can agree on the price prior to buying it > www.preloved.co.uk/
      • NappyValley.co.uk: Similar to Preloved, and definitely worth a look! I find this one useful as their search makes it easy to find products nearby where you live > www.nappyvalley.co.uk
      • eBay: Many people sell their maternity wear – especially the branded ones – on eBay. So, if you don’t mind the bidding business, you might be able to get a good bargain > www.ebay.co.uk
    • Shop in moderation: It can be quite appealing (and fun) to go out and buy lots of new maternity clothes to celebrate the new phase in your life. However, as ones goes through quite a few seasons and sizes during pregnancy, it’s a good tip to add new items whenever you actually need them. That way you get to enjoy it all.
    • Hire for special occasions: If you’re off to a special event where you need to dress up, you might want to look into hiring your outfit. Check out these sites for their selection > www.doesmytumlookbiginthis.com | www.swellegant.co.uk
    • Try the fake bump: Many of the specialised maternity wear shops like Mamas & Papas have a ‘fake bump’ in their changing room – try these out to get a sense of your future size; or just because it’s fun! 😉

    Please add a comment to share what is working for you, where you have looked and what tips you would add!


    2 thoughts on “7 Thrifty Tips for your Pregnancy Wardrobe

    1. This blog is very informative. Shopping for maternity clothing can be daunting, because we need to choose an entirely new wardrobe to fit our rapidly changing body. Select designed for extended wear, and include pants, skirts and comfortable dresses.


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