Some babies get it: Cradle Cap

Our baby daughter Sophie had cradle cap for quite a while after she was born. At the time it felt like she had it forever, but in hindsight it was quite a short time really. But nevertheless it was something that I wasn’t quite sure how to deal with it and – most importantly – how to ‘cure’ it. Until my GP said in passing that using a lice comb had helped with the cradle cap of her kids. After that it was just a matter of time for the cradle cap to disappear.

Every evening after the bath we put some olive oil onto Sophie’s scalp and let it sink in for a little while. Then we’d take our lice comb and carefully comb off the looser skin flakes. With time there was less and less build-up and it eventually stopped to re-appear at all. If just everything was as easily dealt with as this. 🙂

What has worked for you to deal with cradle cap? Have you tried the olive oil & lice comb combo? How did you get on?


2 thoughts on “Some babies get it: Cradle Cap

  1. Hi, our son had cradle cap, too. Our midwife had a tip how to deal with it that worked very well for us AND: It’s very British, that’s why I have to post it here :-)Whenever you wash your baby’s hair apply black tea (as you might have noticed – that’s the British part) to the scalp and tenderly massage it with a soft tooth brush. Remove the loose skin flakes with a comb. That’s it. Our son always loved the massage part sometimes he even fell asleep.Greetings from a German mom,Ngo


  2. Thank you Ngo for your comment! Now I almost(!) wish for Sophie to still have Cradle Cap, I’d love to have tried it. It’s eco, cheap and great if it does the trick! Thank you for sharing; I’ve not come across this while researching this on the Internet..Greetings from another German mum (who lives in the UK),Rolaa 🙂


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