Keeping The Sun From Burning Your Baby In The Pram

The summer’s here, yay! With it those intense rays of sunshine. Now, most manufacturers of prams, buggies and strollers advertise their very own colour-coordinated parasols.. 

Though personally, I can’t stand them! The idea of having to re-adjust the parasol at every turn to keep the little one in the shade does not appeal to my practical side. That’s why I’ve looked into a solution that covers the whole of the pram seat (we’ve got a Quinny Buzz), giving the most UV protection to our Sophie. I’ve looked at the following solutions on the UK market: Outlook’s Shade-A-Babe, Prince Lionheart’s Sunshade and Koo-di Sun & Sleep Shade. 


Outlook’s Shade-A-Babe:

I bought it and returned it as soon as I could make it back to the shop. I did not like the very coarse looking and feeling material that gives the sun protection all over, which also made Sophie disappear behind it. Also, the way it fastens to the frame (we’ve got a Quinny Buzz) is really awkward – my partner and me tried it together and separately and gave up in the end..

The product description states:

“The UPF50+ sun visor has the highest UPF fabric rating around. A double mesh layer/glare shield beneath the visor helps protect from sun and glare when the visor is pulled back. The lower mesh offers protection from insects and wind and filters UV rays entering through the lower half of the pushchair whilst still offering good vision and ventilation.”

Prince Lionheart’s Sunshade:

This Sunshade has a fine mesh that makes it easy for both Sophie to look out and us to see her inside. It opens up by releasing the rubber band around it which makes it spring open. It then sits on the prams’s hood and fastens with velcro strips in convenient places which should fit most prams. It’s less than half the price of the Shade-A-Babe too and I really do quite like it, though I find the pop open frame a little annoying.

The product description states:

“Protects Baby from sun, wind and insects. SPF 50 fabric reduces sun’s harmful UV rays by up to 97%. Pops open in a flash and folds down just as easily! Mesh construction provides plenty of ventilation for a comfortable ride. Fits most pushchairs fitted with a hood”

Koo-di Sun & Sleep Shade:

This I bought because I saw some mums around town with them and it seemed to tick all the boxes. It’s lightweight, fits into its own integrated pocket, has a mesh that’s slightly coarser than the Prince Lionheart’s Sunshade but feels gentle to the skin and it fits snuggly over the pram hood and seat, ensuring that the sun doesn’t burn Sophie’s feet. The Koo-di Shade gets mine and Sophie’s whole-hearted thumbs up! Oh, and I like that it’s a UK based company. 🙂

The product description states:

“The compact  Pack-It Universal Sun and Sleep Shade is ideal for storing in the basket of a stroller or in your bag at all times to protect your little one from the sun, or just cover your stroller for a quiet nap. Fits most pushchairs including 3 wheelers. Easy to fit and adjust. Blocks 93% of all UVA and UVB rays. Handy pocket on the hood. Packs quickly and neatly into the integrated pocket. Machine washable.”

Currently these two sites have a good offer on the Koo-di Shade, but it’s probably best to research it who does at the time offer the best deal:

What experience have you made to protect your baby from the sunshine? What pram shade solution works best for you? I’d like to hear from you..


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