Eeek, Dirty Shower Curtains

When our plastic shower curtains were getting ‘yucky’, my first thought was to buy shiny new ones – as the plastic ones can’t just be washed in the washing machine. I went to a shop on our hight street, bought new ones made out of fabric so that I would be able to wash them when they got dirty. Problem was, that they didn’t fit with our shower curtain hooks.. Off I went back to return them.

The sales lady in the shop gave me a great tip: to put multi-purpose cleaner into the bathtub, add the shower curtain and work the dirt off with your feet. I went home and did just that: and now we have shiny clean shower curtains and prevented them from being chucked onto a landfill site!

As I didn’t fancy bathing my feet in harsh multi-purpose cleaners, I used the gentler eco version we use at home anyway. I sure have clean feet now.. 😉

Now, I’m sure the sales woman wasn’t meant to miss out on the sale of this shower curtain. It made me think about how our world works though. I really wish that companies selling physical goods were financially incentivised to prevent unnecessary (!) purchases. Like in this case, where I was a happy customer and the environment wasn’t burdened with another plastic product – the only short term losers were the producer of the shower curtain and everyone in the distribution channel. Short-term I say, as these type of non-sales all make a difference in the long run.


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