Cool Baby Accessories: Sock-ons

One of the tips I’ve been given repeatedly before I had Sophie was that the only socks that would stay on are GAP socks. I haven’t tried GAP socks, so I can’t comment on them; but I found ‘Sock-Ons‘ a neat little solution that would fix any socks onto Sophie’s feet and we haven’t lost a sock yet. The added bonus is that they look a little like shoes which I never bothered to put onto Sophie until about now.

I just wish they’d also do some other (less gender-biased) colours: I’d have loved a red pair or dark brown..

Oh, in case you’re wondering, they’re probably only eco in the sense that one doesn’t lose socks off tiny baby feet (and therefore doesn’t have to buy new socks), but I find them definitely very practical.

What do you think of Sock-Ons? What other baby accessories have you come across that you thought were fab?

Carola 🙂


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