Eco-ing up the kitchen: wipes

Since I’ve just posted about baby wipes, I thought I continue on the theme: kitchen wipes or cloths. I used to use quite a lot of kitchen paper as they’re very convenient – though use up a lot of resources and fill up the landfill sites etc.. 

Then I read this post about washable wipes, which I now can’t find anymore (I’d happily give this blog their due credit). This lady wrote about buying ten or 20 washable wipes, having them at the ready in a kitchen drawer or in a box on the counter to use as and when they are needed. Once the cloth is dirty, simply throw it into the washing machine to wash with the normal washing. It’s working really well for us and it’s so easy to do.

Any washable wipes will do the job, but we find these ‘Deeply Clean Multi-Purpose Cloth‘, bought at really good. “They’re made from ultramicrofibre – which can soak up to 5x the amount of water than a standard towel”. Though the packaging state to only wash them at up to 40°C, I have washed mine successfully at 60°C. Another eco option are the E-Cloths, though I found them more expensive and not any better than the Deeply Clean ones.

I still keep a roll of kitchen paper under the sink, but as they’re not on display I tend to use them only in rare situations. For example, I still use them to wipe up bigger food spills as I can then throw them in my food bin/compost.

What other tips have you got to ‘green’ up your kitchen?



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