Baby Eco Wipes

Wow, baby wipes are handy, aren’t they! I use them for all kinds of ‘spillages’ and for nappy changes. For out and about I use the shop bought eco ones (like Earth Friendly), but at home I love the washable ones. On the changing table I simply have a spray bottle with boiled water next to the pile of freshly washed wipes. I’ve bought the fleece & terry wipes from BabyKind (the unbleached ones, to further decrease our carbon footprint) which have a great size, texture (two different sides for different uses) and quality. The used ones I simply pop in with the washable nappies and wash the lot every 2 or 3 days.

I’ve also tried the Baby Bits soap in the water, but have found them too harsh for Sophie’s skin. Though I do like their smell 🙂 I have heard from some mums that they use essential oils in their wipes water, like Tea Tree Oil.

While researching, I’ve found the following site with a few different recipes for homemade, natural baby wipes:
Homemade Baby Wipes Recipes

What do you recommend using? What works (and doesn’t) for you?


Carola 🙂



3 thoughts on “Baby Eco Wipes

  1. We belong to those rare German parents who use washable nappies. We always felt that washable nappies and one-way baby wipes do not really go together. That’s why we handle it the same way like you do.We bought about 30-40 flannels (the cheap ones from Ikea – that’s not quite eco, is it?) which we use for nappy changes. The Ikea childrens flannels are made of white terry cloth which makes them fine for washing at 60° or once in a while 95°C.We never had that idea with the spray bottle and since we are the only parents in our environment using washable stuff there was nobody who shared that tip with us. I’ll surely try the recipe with the olive oil like recommended on the linked homepage.Thanks for that practical advice!Ngo – German Mom


  2. Hi Ngo, thank you for your comment! How did you get on with the spray bottle? I’m glad I could pass on a tip you hadn’t heard before.The Ikea flannels are a good idea! Often not so eco-friendly produced items can still be very eco-friendly because they are being used thoroughly and reduce waste elsewhere, so I say thumbs up!


  3. It is very much necessary to keep your kids comfortable. You have to take extra care to protect them from infections. You can use <a href=""><b>eco nappies</b></a> which are useful and are of good quality. Using eco nappies can be your contribution to environment to control pollution.


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