Got a dribbler? Try Bandana bibs

If your baby is one of the many who goes through the teething stage by drooling over anything and everything: try bandana bibs. The ones I bought and love have a fleece backing which means that the top underneath stays dry. You may have to change them a few times a day to give your little one’s chin a chance to stay dry too.. 😉

I bought these ‘Bibbles‘, which seem to be cheaper than elsewhere, the quality is good and they have some lovely patterns.

What do you think?



2 thoughts on “Got a dribbler? Try Bandana bibs

  1. just bought a few more bibs in preparation for the trip..that’s definitely the least expensive i’ve seen these bibs! another brand i like is bipistuff and they can be found on ebay. loads of fabrics to choose from. well done on the blog carola!!!


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