My first blog post..!

I’ve just decided to write a blog on parent’s related topics with a
green slant. I keep researching and using so many different products
and services for either our little 6-month old daughter or around the
home that are either very practical or eco-friendly – ideally both!
Since I’m putting so much time and effort into this (weirdly it makes
me really quite happy), I thought I’d share what I find to be
exceptionally well designed, clever, green etc.

Up until now I kept sharing my thoughts and insights with my fellow
mum friends, who appreciated my ramblings. Though, I realised that if
I just write it down and ‘publish’ it, I get to spend more time
chatting about other things with my mum friends; AND anyone who is
looking for reviews for products & services can now find it on the net
in their own time.

When I first had that ‘Aha!’ moment, I wrote a list of topics that I
would want to share and within a few minutes I had 17 blog topics. As
our daughter is growing up and her needs are changing, so will my blog

So, watch this space for my views on family related products,
services, travelling and green living. Oh, and feel free to comment
and let me know what you would like me to cover.

Enjoy my blog,
Carola 🙂


2 thoughts on “My first blog post..!

  1. Hi Carola,this is a great idea and I can’t wait to hear about your eco journey! And who knows this may even lead to a more general eco experience, not just for mums.One of the topics I’d be interested in is nappy options which are both environmentally friendly and convenient. It can be a big topic if one takes all the resources involved into account (biodegradability, water consumption, transport, packaging etc). Lots of literature on this but I still struggle to get my head around it.Will check in regularly :-)Oliver


  2. Hi Oliver,Thank you! I’m very excited to see our eco (& experience with practical products) family journey unfold.. At times It’s felt like wading through a (product & solutions) jungle, and I hope that there are people who will benefit from my ‘ponderings’.Fab, I’ve got a few posts on nappies on my list, and I’ll be sharing my thoughts on what considerations we had and what solutions work for us – and I’d like to see lots of responses on what is working for others. :-)Hope all is well with you,Carola 🙂


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